Marjorie Red tube Elmira Pioneers Win Again, Horseheads Little League All-Stars Advance

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Elmira Pioneers Win Again, Horseheads Little League All-Stars Advance

Hello folks, This is an "audition " for people wanting to express their views about polyamory on video, to be broadcast far and wide. This will be the first of what we hope will be an ongoing series of video shooting sessions of this type. This is all being done by poly people wanting to promote a positive image of polyamory, not outsiders or people wanting to ridicule polyamory. All comments will be recorded on video tape for eventual broadcast on cable TV, You-Tube and whatever other means of wide distribution we can come up with. If you've got something to tell the world about polyamory, AND are willing to say it on Pulaski county Illinois IL, this might be the place for you! Note this is a very LOW budget production effort. We are not CBS, not the Jerry Springer show, and we are not paying anyone to be in the show. You won't get rich off this, (but you MIGHT become famous, or at least notorious). If you are into polyamory and are interested in doing this, you are invited to apply. The central topic of the interviews and discussion will center on the theme of "If you could have your (poly) relationships be EXACTLY how you want them to be, what would they be like?" People will be asked to put aside any consideration of what they think is possible or practical, what is "politiy correct" or socially acceptable, and let their mind dwell upon what their truest, deepest desires really are on this subject. This first video shoot is scheduled for May 17th, which is a Saturday. We are tentatively scheduled to begin shooting around 7 PM,and plan to continue for at least three hours. This is in Berkeley, California. Plan to be there by 6 PM if possible. We need Pulaski county Illinois IL operators, lighting people and others with any kind of video production or editing expertise. If you want be involved in this, please tell me a little about yourself and your involvement with polyamory. Regards, DAVE



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